A Series of unfortunate events *The Hostile hospital*

A Series of unfortunate events *The Hostile hospital*. I would tell the kid that when the characters were little there parents died from fire and nobody knows how. The 5-year-old I would tell might not like this story because the kids are accused of murder. I’d give him details from the other stories. The summary is there are three orphans. Their parents died when the kids went to the beach alone from a house fire. Then they had to live with many guardians the one they hated was Count Olaf with one eyebrow and an eye tattoo. The three kids are accused of murder when they are innocent so they are trying to flee the police. Now they are at a hospital in the library of records where they try to find what happened to an old character that was killed. In every book, something Unfortunate happens to the characters because of Count Olaf.

AVI Iron Thunder

Avi Iron Thunder is about a boy who joined the civil war to go on the Monitor a war boat. The captain says don’t tell anyone about this place because someone could be a spy. A spy gave him a gold dollar the boy gives it to his sister to keep until he finds the guy again. Two days later the boat was being launched and everyone thought it was going to sink but it didn’t. AVI iron thunder the author helped me learn real facts about the war in 1882 because he shows real pictures and sketches of what it looked like. The details in this book relate to the Battle of Hampton Roads and give’s so much detail about history during the civil war. The author wants to teach kids about the parts of the civil war because the only other thing they can do is go to a museum and learn there. The character reacts by trying to help his mom and sister, his sister is very sick and his dad died in the war for the backstory